Worms Zone.io Mod Apk 2020 Full version

Overview of the game Worms Zone .io

Make it your worm to be the biggest and win the title for yourself. And don't forget, a champion must stand out from the crowd. Choose a skin for your worms in the wardrobe or come up with a cool design of your own.

There are several tactics to become a champion: "" fighter "", "" conman "", or "" builder "". What will you be?

Regardless of the tactic you choose, there is one simple rule to remember: if you run into an opponent - you lose! But if you manage to surround your enemy you will not only eliminate them but also steal all the delicious treats they take from them.

There are also different bonuses in the arena that increase your worm stats. Use them wisely, and they will help you achieve your desired goals! Good luck, little worm!

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